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Managed Business Communication Services

Communication Services

Horizons Live understand that maintaining regular connection helps develop a business with increasing productivity. Contact with your remote workers or distant departments on a daily basis through different means of communication. Use various channels for interacting. Plan regularly scheduled video or phone meetings. Building a community is important in managing a remote workforce. Horizons Live will also assist you in applying suitable technology to maintaining your business communication services.

Business Quality Managed Communication Services

  • 99.99% uptime.

Uptime or availability is essential metric businesses use to estimate the performance of the web host. It reveals the percentage the service is up and operational. Horizons Live will help you work out the right strategy of achieving high availability of your system.


  • Data services

Horizons Live offer services that help to manage data for clients. Data services can facilitate information aggregation. These services deal with data transition and storage. We can provide you with Multiprotocol Label Switching to support multi-location voice needs, IP-VPN to increase security and prioritize your company’s internet traffic, or Private Line to ensure the safety of your data. Besides, we can help you protect your PBX or data storage. Our data services also include various types of analytics on grand data assemblages.

  • Telephony Services

We control queues, manage team members and generate reports with a unified telephony management solution or other communication services which are perfect for any business with numerous locations, distributed workforce, or both.

Horizons Live provides telephony services including multi-line telephones, managing the RIT-owned switching system, management of system adjuncts, traffic analysis, and consulting about renovating telecommunication systems. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer dedicated, switched domestic, international service business lines, or the analogue ones. In any case, we are here to offer the best solution.  Time-Division Multiplexing for reliable connection, Dynamic T1 lines for cost-effective local and long-distance calls, voicemails, audio/web/video conferencing and much more is at your disposal with our communication services.