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Collaboration Suites

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Virtual office software is needed when you have employees in multiple locations at separate workstations with different times management. It is challenging to co-work and maintain control over the dispersed company. We, at Horizons Live, understand that the ability to effectively plan and interact within a start-up or SMB company is critical.


Collaboration suites are sets of Web tools that cover wide lists of cooperation and coworking demands. Office productivity suites, as a rule, contain web means for emailing, live chat, file sharing opportunities, tools for working with documents, project management tools, web conferencing, and social media means. With our online collaboration suites, your start-up or SMB will not be obliged to install any specific software or hire additional IT specialists for office program management.


Collaboration Suites and Virtual Office Software

  • Virtual Office Software

With Virtual Office Software you can configure tasks, share documents and create projects of your business in real time. All the tasks your team fulfills are easily visible from various kinds of devices. With our virtual office software, you can talk to employees during your project with the help of a group chat or conference calls, connecting with individual workers, partners, customers, etc.), or entire teams. With collaboration suites, communication is quick and well-organized, even if your business team is in multiple time zones, our virtual office software will make it feel like one location.

  • Office Productivity Suites

A productivity suite is a set of business computer programs including a word processor, a spreadsheet creator and a presentations creator one gets access to by launching one main application. The suite enables you to share data among all these programs. Productivity suites usually contain Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Apple’s iWork solutions. The suites are available for various platforms.

Endless Opportunities

  • Redefine "going to the office" with a true virtual office space solution that's always accessible on your favorite devices. Enjoy increased productivity without the commute for less than $15 a user.
  • Whether you’re working in your office or on the go, you get a familiar, top-of-the-line set of productivity tools. Office applications and collaboration suites as a whole let you create, edit, and share from your personal computer or any mobile device with anyone in real time.