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Florida SEO - Tips and Tricks for Local Search Engine Optimization

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Florida SEO can sound tricky for newbies. At the same time, this is one of the first things you need to take care of when building a website for Florida audience. It does not make sense to compete with all the companies in the USA that provide similar services if you can concentrate on your target online group, right?

So, how do you improve the local search engine optimization for your business in Florida? There are two success factors for local search engine optimization. They are geography and linguistics. Keep on reading to learn more about how local search engine optimization works and what you can do to reach your Florida customers quickly!

Two Fields that Influence Florida SEO

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Florida SEO: Geographical aspect

If you create a website to promote your business in a specific geographical area like Florida, you always start with defining your “online borders” or what spots you mention on your website. These borders are more critical for companies that provide face-to-face services than for online stores. But on the whole, any business located in a small geographical spot needs to be quite straightforward when it comes to advertising and marketing.

So, let’s say, you own a roofing company in Orlando that provides services in the Winter Garden & Clermont area. What do you think your prospective customers would google when looking for a roofing company? The possible answers could be either roofing company in Orlando or roofing company in Winter Garden (or something alike). These answers prove that your online audience has to indulge in typing quite long phrases to get to your business website. At the same time, it is highly probable that one of the most popular search queries in your case would be as simple as a a roofing company near me.

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As you can see from an image above, Google is happy to help me find a roofing company near my house with its 77,200,000 results. If you want to use this functionality, all you need is Google Maps.

Florida SEO: Google Maps

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The image above clearly demonstrates how Google Maps can help you market your business successfully. There are two ways how you can make the best of Google Maps. The first way is to add Google Maps to your website. Again, you can do it on your own as most professional content management systems have pre-installed Google Maps functionality. In case you know next to nothing about web development, contact the web agency that built a website for you. The second way you can opt for is creating Google My Business account. Once you fill out all the forms and claim your business, you know that your online audience can find you from any spot on the planet.

Florida SEO: Linguistic aspect

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To get professional Florida SEO, you need to know that language matters for Google. Every single word you use either increases your chances for high Google rankings or plays strange games with your target audience. How to ensure that you target the right audience with the right content? You can either choose on-page SEO optimization services or follow the steps below to guarantee the first-class local search engine optimization.

Step 1. Think like your ideal customer.

What words would you (or your friends) use to search for your business? Compile a list of at least ten words or phrases that you can think of that you associate with your company. Remember that a short key phrase always means more competition online. And vice versa - the more words your key phrase contains, the less competitive you need to be when building an online presence.

Step 2. Stay realistic about already existing competitors.

Choose a keyword or a key phrase that you think represent the concept of who you are best. Check out the current top 5 results for this key phrase on Google. Does it seem realistic to rank for this key phrase right now? How big are the companies that Google favors at the moment? Do you have enough budget to compete with these companies? If yes, good for you! If not, move to the next step.

Step 3. Get more specific about your key phrase.

To increase your chances online, you may want to add a geographical area to your key phrase. But again - if you own a roofing company that's in the Winter Garden & Clermont area, which spot do you add to your key phrase? To answer this question, you can go to Google trends and analyze the overall interest of online visitors. In our case, you can see how roofing services, roofing services Orlando and roofing search queries are different (see image below).

google trends for local businesses

Step 4. Choose the most suitable key phrase.

By experimenting with different words in Google trends, you can compare search queries. Besides, you will learn how often people searched for this or that product. It is also possible to define the best time to market your business. Ideally, this is the stage when you choose a perfect key phrase. By perfect, we mean a key phrase that contains both your central business concept and a geographical area where you provide your services.

Step 5. Use the key phrase wisely.

Once you have your ideal key phrase, make sure it appears in strategic places on your website. These places are meta titles, meta descriptions, headings, lists, and alternative descriptions for images. When editing your website, you need to remember that over-optimizing is as bad as no optimizing at all. The number of times you use a key phrase depends on the length of the text on your web page. For a regular web page with more than 300 words, a key phrase has to be mentioned from 5 to 8 times.

Florida SEO at a Glance

From what you have read above, you understand that Florida SEO is not a ball and chain. In other words, you can improve local search engine optimization on your own if you have enough patience and time. Start with adding Google Maps to your website. Google will also appreciate it if you create a Google My Business profile. Then, define your focus key phrase. Make sure that you know who your immediate online competitors are. Play around with several variations of a key phrase with Google Trends. Finally, rearrange the content on your pages so that the key phrase is located in strategic places. Follow the steps, and you will see that Florida SEO is a reliable way to target your online audience! If you are running short of time or do not see yourself following these steps on your own, feel free to reach out to us via our contact form and we will be happy to assist you.